Monday, May 15, 2006

New Blog

I am changing my blog site – don’t like the changes that have been made here!  My new blog site is

Please change any bookmarks or favourites and visit me at the new place.

Have a good day

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Friday, May 12, 2006


Gotta mention this site Whitcoulls where they have a competion going at the moment where you tell them you 3 favourite books and they will send you a 50% off voucher for another book.  Awesome, valid until 14 June – go and vote!  Thanks Mel for alerting me to this :-)

It really makes me wonder why I bother with kids sports sometimes.  We went to hockey for Nick and Tommy tonight, Nick played for the first 10minutes and then walked off when the opposition scored their second goal – absolutely no persuading him to get back on the field, especially with everyone watching me!  Tommy got to play the last 5 minutes of the second half and the first 10minutes of the second half.  For that, I sat in the freezing wind and rain for an hour!  Not impressed.  I really feel like washing and handing back their uniforms – maybe after a decent nights sleep I will change my mind.

We are heading down to Auckland tomorrow for a bit of retail therapy, visit Mum for Mothers Day and to stay in a hotel for the night – Spencer on Byron - they have an awesomely huge spa pool.  We had booked to come and stay here the Sunday night after the V8s were at Pukekohe.  We had a change of plan though and change the booking to coincide with Andy’s birthday which is the Monday.  Unfortunately (or not) we forgot about Mothers Day, so I  guess I will wake up in the lap of luxury on Sunday morning – bummer!

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums out there and catch you again on Monday.

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Tuesday, May 9, 2006


Finally managed to get a pic of the layout I completed over the weekend – a whole pile of hidden journalling behind the photo reflecting where I am at the moment.

Can’t show you the pic of the other piece I did until after Mother’s Day ‘cos Mum reads this occasionally and I don’t want to ruin her surprise.  Sorry about the large size of the pic, blog have changed all the software and you either get a huge pic or a thumbnail that you can’t even see.  I will keep working on it and see what I can do.

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Monday, May 8, 2006

The Phone

The phone rang tonight and we had 2 boys fighting over who was going to answer it.  It brought back memories of me as a teenager and always wanting to answer the phone just in case it might be for me.  Ali was most disgusted when Nick got the phone and then told the caller that Ali was just having to go for a shower.  The rebuke sounded so like what I would have said to my brother or sister if they had said I was going for a shower.

When we got home from the supermarket on Saturday it was the boys job to unpack and put the groceries away.  Andy went to cook dinner and couldn’t find the rice anywhere.  We call out to the boys to see where they put it.  Tommy answers immediately “Oh, I put it in the freezer” as if that is where we always keep the rice.  Too funny, took ages for us to stop laughing.

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Sunday, May 7, 2006

National Scrap Day

What a busy weekend of scrapping I have had, the first time in ages that I have scrapped in the weekend and it coincided perfectly with National Scrap Day.  I completed two projects, one of which I will share a photo with tomorrow.  The camera died and the battery charger was up at the Lake. 

Andy and Ali took off over the to the lake today and packed up the caravan and pulled it home.  Now we have a huge clean up job over the next few days getting rid of 6 months of dust and sand and prepping it for next summer.

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Friday, May 5, 2006


Been in a bit of a funk lately and not really sure what I am doing or where I am going.  Hence no posting to my blog.  Got all inspired today and started to create a layout of where I am with lots of hidden journalling.  All set and just needs to be assembled now, when I go out and buy some hinges in the morning.

Can’t believe we are having a weekend at home for a change – the boys are really looking forward to that and I am looking forward to sleeping in, in my own bed.   We still need to head back to the lakes and pick up our caravan and start the clean up process ready for next summer.  Yuck, that means summer is over and winter on the way – I am so not ready for winter yet.  I wore my jeans and sweatshirt all day today and wanna go back to singlets and shorts!

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Injury Free

It was Ali’s turn tonight for his first hockey game.  It felt so strange to have to eat dinner early so we could be at the game by 7pm on a Tuesday night – Weird!  I am so used to Saturday mornings and having to get up all early and freezing your butt off on the sidelines, but Tuesday night, that is just strange, will take a bit of getting used to I think.
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Monday, May 1, 2006


Thanks for all the phone calls and comments regarding Nicks injury.  He is racing around everywhere at the moment and doing very well, loving being the centre of attention.  I think he did get a bit sick of telling everyone what happened at school today though.  I was talking to a friend at the lake over the weekend and she mentioned a brown micro fibre type of tape that they used to use when she worked with a plastic surgeon.  Apparently if you put this tape on the scar once the stitches are removed and leave it there permanently for about the next 3months or so the scar will disappear completely.  I need to get in touch with her and find out the correct name for it.

I went to the gym this morning and got my new programme with a whole pile of new exercises.  I tell ya I have muscles where I have never had muscles before!  Strange thing is the exercise that I felt was a bit of a waste of time this morning because it didn’t feel like it was doing anything is where I hurt the most.  Sat in the spa earlier and felt pretty good, but I think that is wearing off now.  Time for bed I think.

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Friday, April 28, 2006


We had the first game of hockey for Nick and Tommy tonight.  They are both playing in the same team this year, which makes juggling practices and games a heck of a lot easier on us even though the team is a huge jump for Tommy.  We are hoping he will lift his game to meet the rest of the team, we will see how that goes though.  Today’s game was against the top team in the competition and had a lot of the boys that Alistair played with last year.  It was great to catch up with those Mums and Dads again. 

Halftime saw us down by 2 goals to zero, but the defensive skills displayed by the boys were outstanding.  They had just started the second half and Nick was in the thick of a tackling battle defending our goal when suddenly a stick came up and hit him just below the eye.  I was talking to Tommy who was sitting on the sideline at that stage and never saw what happened, only that a kid was being brought off dripping blood everywhere.  Someone said it was Nick and then panic sets in as I rush onto the field with Andy to help our boy.  A huge gash sees us leaving the game and heading to the emergency room for some stitches.  One hour, a heck of a lot of tummy turning on my part, and 4 stitches later we head home.

Nick is doing pretty well at the moment and loving being the centre of attention, I am sure the local anasthetic and the pain killers we have loaded into him have something to do with that.  He, of course, can’t wait until tomorrow when he can take off the dressing and check out his war wounds for himself.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jury Service

Yup, I finally got zapped and couldn’t find an excuse to get out of it this time either.  Its a bit hard when you don’t work and DH is at home too so you can’t even cite childcare hassles as an excuse.  Anyway I had to turn up at the court yesterday morning to go through the whole thing.  Can’t believe how nervous I was to be doing this and the tenseness I felt turning up at the courthouse as though I was guilty or something.  Heaps of security too going through the airport type metal detectors and guards actually searching through my handbag.  Talk about feeling like a criminal.

Anyway into the actual courtroom along with about 80 other people and they run us through the process explaining all the ins and outs.  Hardly any seating and I was sent along to the jury box to sit in through this – good view from there.  The jury is finally called out and my name wasn’t called at all – whew that is a relief, kind of, although after all the dramas up till then I was kind of disappointed not to be selected.

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